A Coworking Space In NYC Geared Toward Women With ASD Is Changing The Landscape

If you or someone you know is on the autism spectrum, you know how difficult day-to-day tasks can be. Simple things, like sitting in a room with fluorescent lighting or having to work in a zippy workspace, are things that neurotypical people don’t really consider but when you’re on the autism spectrum, those little things can really throw your day out of whack. A coworking space geared toward women with autism spectrum disorder is changing the landscape for women on the spectrum in New York City. 

The coworking space is called Felicity House and the New York City-based business has the look and feel of a boutique hotel with its neutral-colored walls and serene spaces, which are perfect for anyone who gets easily overwhelmed in traditional workspaces. 

Felicity House is located in the Flatiron District in Manhattan and the social club already counts on about 150 members. Because of the fact that those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can feel a bit overwhelmed in a traditional environment, there are many fidget toys and stress relievers available in the space so that they can channel all of that negative energy. 

The coworking space was designed with the input of all of the social club’s members and even comes complete with soundproof walls so that the sound of the city doesn’t distract the womxn while they’re working. Another great thing about this coworking space is the fact that they are inclusive and accepting of trans women as well as those who are gender nonconforming. 


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At Felicity House, those womxn who might even get overwhelmed by the sounds in the coworking space can retreat to a quiet lounge — an area intended for those who don’t feel like talking. One of the executive directors at Felicity House compares the quiet space to the quiet car when you’re on the train. Those who prefer to be completely alone also have that choice, they can retreat to one of the wellness rooms on-site that allows those people to completely concentrate on whatever it is they’re actually doing. 

The best part about Felicity House is that it’s completely free and womxn who are on the spectrum can just go, work, and feel as social or as isolated as they prefer. To become a member of Felicity House, womxn interested need appropriate documentation proving that they are indeed on the autism spectrum and be over the age of 18. 

During what the company calls a Discovery Phase, womxn are able to meet Felicity House staff and talk a little about their background as professionals, what their interests are in general, and what troubles they may be experiencing in the outside world. The Discovery Phase also allows staff and potential members to determine whether or not they’d be a good fit for Felicity House. 

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