Woman Goes Above And Beyond To Find Only Dress Autistic Girl Is Willing To Wear

Living in the age of social media can be kind of exhausting with all of the negativity that people spew but sometimes social media can bring different kinds of people together over a heartwarming story. A woman took to Twitter to find a dress for her friend’s autistic daughter and the feedback and cooperation she received was outstanding. 

Deborah Price was sad and tired of seeing her good friend’s autistic daughter suffering because she no longer had her favorite dress. Kate Bell, the little girl’s mom, did everything in her power to try and locate the dress so that her daughter would be at ease. If you’re familiar with people on the spectrum, you know that change really doesn’t go over well for a lot of people on the spectrum. 

Naturally, Bell’s daughter wasn’t too happy about not having her favorite dress so Price took it upon herself to try and find it for her friend. Here’s what she Tweeted:

“Friend’s autistic daughter only wears this dress. Don’t judge. Sometimes people can’t cope with certain stuff & it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things does it. Question is has anyone got this @nextofficial dress from 3yrs ago in age 11plus & if so can we buy them off you?”

Her intention with this entire thing was to find people online who had the dress and who’d be willing to sell it to her, so Bell’s daughter could have different options when the initial dress was being laundered. The Tweet — which was initially sent out on July 6 — has already amassed over six-thousand likes, two-thousand retweets, and over 150 comments.

Some of the comments include one very supportive message by a user named @Marxist100, who said: “I’m autistic, some of us get attached to items, we also like routines and rules. I used stuff to cope to, and my personal life was ok. If you, or your friend ever has questions about us #AskingAutistics is a great hashtag, as others have pointed out.”

Another user named @AprilPreston, said “No reason to judge - fabrics and loved logos/pictures are v important can be grounding for some/vital to some on spectrum. My son finds uniform tricky and it impacts negatively.” 

People were just as excited and willing as Price to find a solution for the dress with one Twitter user volunteering to recreate it themselves. According to CBS news, some users even took to Ebay to try and find the coveted dress — and though they found it, it wasn’t in the correct size for the little girl.  

The initial Tweet got so much feedback that not only did mom get in on it and thanked everyone who was involved in finding the dress in the first place — the shocker was when the company who manufactured the dresses, Next Official, actually reached out to the concerned friend group saying that even though they no longer carried that specific dress in their line, the family should reach out to Next Official to see if there was anything they can do.

This story just further proves that when social media is used for good instead of for bullying, good things can really happen!

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