Ikea Is Working On A Functional Furniture Collection For People With Disabilities

We all need to furnish our homes, right? Buying furniture is a fairly simple process if you know what you’re going to buy and what stores you’re going to visit but the process gets a little more difficult if you or one of your family members is a person with disabilities. Ikea is listening and is working on launching a new line of functional furniture collection for people with disabilities. 

The collection is going to be named OMTANKSAM — which means “thoughtful” in Swedish — will be made and assist people with disabilities (PWD) with all of their needs and will also make getting around the house a bit easier and more comfortable. 

The pieces available will be for the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen and there will also be items like seat padding and easy-to-hold jars and vases for those who may have difficulty doing so. This line of furniture makes so much sense to launch at this point in time, as about 15% of the world’s population does live with some form of disability. 

The OMTANKSAM line of furniture will be made in collaboration with physical therapists, researchers, and ergonomists so they can nail the right furniture design and help those with disabilities be able to overcome obstacles and have a more independent life due to the added comfort and functionality. The line will become available in 2020.


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Earlier this year, Ikea Israel teamed up with two nonprofits to create a series of modifications to Ikea furniture that would make it easier for PWD to use. The modifications come by way of separate items that would make a piece of furniture more practical for PWD. See a photo of some of the items below. 

The new project is being called ThisAbles and the items are available online for Ikea Israel as schematics that can be 3D printed and applied to different furniture items. And the best part about this new line of products is that its advertisement uses PWD which also helps with diversifying media. See some of the ads, below. 

Here’s what Ikea had to say in a message to Metro UK “Ikea’s vision has always been to create a better everyday life for the many people. That includes all individuals with different kinds of functional needs – from children to the elderly and everyone in between.”

Hopefully, more furniture stores like Ikea begin to follow suit. This is a great initiative on behalf of Ikea!

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